Earth Sciences

Does research, data analysis, and experimental design interest you? Are you interested in the environment, energy, and other science focused areas? The Earth Science major has a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree, allowing students to study the Earth and atmosphere! More information about Earth Sciences can be found at

Fashion and Retail Studies

Are you interested in the latest trends and in demand products? Do you want to declare a major that provides a business related curriculum? The Fashion and Retail Studies major gives students experience in product development and merchandising for consumer goods. More information about Fashion and Retail Studies can be found at

Food Science

Do you have an interest in chemistry, biology, and technology? Are you interested in the process of how food is created, processed, manufactured, and sold? The Food Science major represents the nation’s largest industry, and provides experience with a science and math based curriculum. More information about Food Science can be found at


The Bachelor in Fine Arts degree in Dance is an excellent opportunity for students interested in the arts, expression, and creativity! This competitive admission major allows students to train in various contemporary dance styles, while preparing students to perform, choreograph, design, teach, and more!   More information about Dance can be found at

Health and Wellness Innovation in Healthcare

Are you passionate about supporting overall health and wellness? Do you have an interest in the healthcare industry, in preventing illness rather than treating it? The Health and Wellness Innovation in Healthcare major is the first baccalaureate degree of its kind, and promotes a new era in healthcare! More information about HWIH can be found…

Romance Studies

Do you have a love for languages? Does the opportunity to become immersed in three different romance languages excite you? Would you like to have cultural awareness, with focuses on language, literature, linguistics and culture? This relatively new major at Ohio State allows you the opportunity to study three languages in one undergraduate degree! More…

Public Health

Do issues of social inequality and environmental justice interest you? Do you care about how environmental science impacts human health? The Public Health major with specializations in Environmental and Sociology allows students to learn about significant public health issues in the U.S. and internationally. More information about Public Health can be found at

Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Are you interested in social justice? Do you want to make the experiences and contributions of women and other historically disenfranchised populations visible? This major is a great choice for students who are interested in social change, and want to make an impact in their career and community. More information about Women’s, Gender and Sexuality…

Atmospheric Sciences

Have you ever wanted to explore the systems which determine our weather and climate? Are you interested in a math and science based curriculum? The Atmospheric Sciences major allows students to learn about the interactions between the atmosphere and Earth’s surface, from severe storms to global climate change. More information about Atmospheric Sciences can be found…

Physical Education, Sport & Physical Activity

Do you enjoy coaching, educating and health and wellness? Have you participated in community recreation and wondered how you could some day work in such a field? Are you interested in the positive impacts that community wellness programs have on society? The Physical Education, Sport & Physical Activity major (also known as Physical Activity Specialist) may…

Globalization Studies

Are you interested in the ever-changing processes through which countries connect and develop? Do you enjoy studying politics, economics, culture and competition?  Do you care about the impacts on health, economy, environment and other current issues that these forces create? If these questions speak to you, you should check out Globalization Studies! More information about…

Arts Management

Do you care deeply about the fine arts? Are you interested in helping others appreciate and understand the impact that the arts have on society and culture? If you love art, but also want to study policy and business management, then Arts Management may be an excellent option for you! More information about Arts Management…