About Us

University Exploration will be the premiere advising program for undecided students in the nation, focusing on students first and efforts to assess, enhance, and invigorate advising services for new generations of students.
University Exploration advances Ohio State’s educational mission by providing holistic, intentional, personalized and collaborative advising to a diverse student population. We promote all majors, minors, and curricular options to help students connect their skills, interests and values to curricular and co-curricular opportunities and to transition to majors. The process of advising helps students maximize their opportunities, supports academic decision making, and leads to timely completion of the desired degree(s).
Values & Beliefs
We value:
• Individual students; their skills, interests and needs
• The decision students make to engage in intentional academic self- discovery
• Exposure to majors through a variety of means and experiences
• Relationships built between students and advisors that aid in academic planning
• Collaboration that helps students explore the multitude of available degree options and allows students to meet with representatives from every college/school
• Diversity in our community
• Active contribution to the university community and our ability to support students and other divisions across all Ohio State campuses
• Effective use of technology to enhance services and provide greater access to information and advising service
We believe:
• Students are entitled to work with advisors who are invested in understanding them as individuals and helping them explore and choose rewarding majors that fit their skills and interests
• Students deserve accurate, respectful and timely assistance available in a variety of formats
• Holistic advising enhances the university and reduces complications for students
• Academic advising is critical in assisting students in the establishment of their academic and career goals and in selecting appropriate courses for major and career exploration
• Academic advising challenges students to reach their academic potential •Academic advising assists students in navigating the organizational complexities of university systems, maximizing university resources, and resolving problems they encounter
• Academic advising encourages degree completion and minimizes hurdles to timely degree progress
• Academic advisors serve as role models and mentors


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