Air Transportation

Do you have an interested in aviation and the transportation industry? Would you like to learn how aviation affects and is affected by social forces including the economy, international relations, and government policy? The Social Science Air Transportation major includes an introduction to the transportation industry, the science of physical conditions, aircraft, and flight, as…

Agribusiness and Applied Economics

Are you interested in learning about business principles and economic theory? Are you searching for a major that will prepare you to manage, market, and finance firms that produce, process, distribute, and sell bio-based produce, such as food and fiber? You may want to take a closer look at the Agribusiness and Applied Economics majors in…

Fashion and Retail Studies

Are you interested in the latest trends and in demand products? Do you want to declare a major that provides a business related curriculum? The Fashion and Retail Studies major gives students experience in product development and merchandising for consumer goods. More information about Fashion and Retail Studies can be found at

Public Health

Do issues of social inequality and environmental justice interest you? Do you care about how environmental science impacts human health? The Public Health major with specializations in Environmental and Sociology allows students to learn about significant public health issues in the U.S. and internationally. More information about Public Health can be found at

Globalization Studies

Are you interested in the ever-changing processes through which countries connect and develop? Do you enjoy studying politics, economics, culture and competition?  Do you care about the impacts on health, economy, environment and other current issues that these forces create? If these questions speak to you, you should check out Globalization Studies! More information about…

Arts Management

Do you care deeply about the fine arts? Are you interested in helping others appreciate and understand the impact that the arts have on society and culture? If you love art, but also want to study policy and business management, then Arts Management may be an excellent option for you! More information about Arts Management…

Agricultural Systems Management

If you like concepts of engineering, math and physics and want to apply them to a vital industry, Agricultural Systems Management might be the major for you!  You will learn about sciences and technology but also get a strong background in economics and managerial skills!

City & Regional Planning

Do cities, suburbs and towns fascinate you? Are you interested in improving the quality of life for everyone through economy, sustainability and planning? If you are creative, and innovate and like concepts of design, business and community, City and Regional Planning may be an excellent major for you!

Hospitality Management

If you’re interested in travel, tourism and event planning Hospitality Management is an amazing business related major that affords you global career opportunities.

Public Affairs

Do you want to turn your passion into policy? If you’re interested in a strong business related major with opportunities to create and manage change, Public Affairs might be for you!

Construction Systems Management

Looking for a business major that combines managerial opportunity with technology and building? You might be interested in Construction Systems Management!