How Do You Explore Majors?

We have several activities that can help you explore majors.  

  1. You can narrow majors down by first choosing a career cluster or field of study like “Health Professions” or “Education and Public Service” and then see what majors fit into those categories by using our META MAJORS AND CURRICULUM HANDOUT  The Curriculum Examples are included so that you can see how no matter which major you are interested in, the curricula are fairly similar within each field of study. This gives you some extra time to make progress toward a degree without having to choose which degree.
  2. You can do a methodical search by following our step by step instructions for major exploration using this resource page. How Do I Explore Majors at OSU 
  3. You can start with a process of elimination and make a game of it! Print this List Of Majors at Ohio State and then follow the Major Elimination Game Instructions.
    1. Once you’ve narrowed down which majors you’re interested in, you can watch our Major Information Videos!
    2. Find a major you really like check out what you can do with it!
  4. You can even be creative! You can even use Pinterest! Visit our Pinterest page and use the Majors of the Month to explore what a major in ____ might look like!
  5. If you would like to start with an online assessment try going to and follow these instructions Instructions for MyNextMove
  6. Student Life Buckeye Careers OnPACE features a series of career development modules and other campus resources that can assist students in learning more about themselves and envisioning their future as responsible, global citizens. These free of charge self-guided modules contain lessons that can help students identify and explore interests, learn about informed decision-making, explore possible Ohio State majors and careers, and find out how to apply to grad school. They will also help to prepare students for job and internship searches, to transition to the first year in the job market, and to understand diversity in the workplace. Visit Student Life’s Buckeye Careers OnPACE at for more information!
  7. Complete the EXP Game Plan to create your own game plan for exploring majors. You will also receive email reminders and suggestions from University Exploration for your major exploration process.

If none of these methods are helping, or if you have questions about them,  you can also make an appointment with one of our excellent advisors.  Either stop by Denney Hall room 352 in person or call 614.292.0646. If you would like to switch your major to University Exploration while you decide on an what you will declare, you may also fill out this form and we will get in touch with you.