Meta-Majors help to group the 200 Ohio State majors into broader theme areas.  The majors in each theme have commonalities and in many cases share required coursework. Watch the videos below to find one (or more) meta-major that speaks to you.

Arts, Innovation, and Design

Do you enjoy design and having creative control of your work? Are you interested in increasing awareness of the arts?

Behavior, Culture, and Context

Do you love learning about people, society, culture and how they intertwine? Are you interested in communication & relationships?

Education and Public Service

Do you enjoy teaching, training and educating others? Are you interested in working directly with people from a leadership position?

Health and Human Services

Are you interested in science and helping people become healthier and well in all areas of their lives? Are you fascinated by the healthcare industry on all levels?

Management and Industry

Are you interested in managing and leading people, looking at data and numbers, analyzing or persuading consumers?

Science, Technology, and Environment

Do you enjoy investigating how and why things work? Are you interested in how science is applied to everything in our lives?